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1. This knitting chair is made of 100% pure cotton rope and diamond knitting pattern in traditional Maya style, which ensures that it is the favorite of the whole family.
2. Spacious, spacious and comfortable - this suspended swing seat has enough space to relax and stretch. It is 75 inches long, 39 inches wide and 47 inches high. The soft and thick cotton rope can hold 300 pounds, making it a warm seat for children and adults at any time of the day.
3. Multifunctional and Multifunctional - This outdoor or indoor hammock swing chair is equipped with an annular top, and can be suspended almost anytime and anywhere! Just find a branch, crossbeam or hammock bracket and complete the setup in a few seconds to sit down and relax or enjoy a nap. This chair is perfect for courtyards, courtyards or beaches.
4. Reliable and durable - high quality structure ensures that this hammock will not tear or break due to routine use.

1. Find comfort through fashionable hammock swings - Move easily anytime and anywhere - balcony, deck, backyard, dormitory and other facilities;
2. Suitable for wandering and snuggling in comfortable cocoons while reading books, magazines or tablets - Listening to the sound of rain, crickets, birds or enjoying quiet stargazing nights;
3. Portable - Any lounge;
4. Indoor/outdoor use - Creating a fashionable outdoor recreation area or key interior decoration - Outdoor activities between two trees in your favorite shady lawn, sunshine room or porch;
5. Design specifications - made of strong pure cotton rope - Machine washable - Suitable for all ages.

Size: 130*100cm/51.18*39.37"
Material: Cotton rope net
Load-bearing: 150 kg


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