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3/7/12/14/16Pcs Garden Planter Kit

3/7/12/14/16Pcs Garden Planter Kit

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1. Mini gardening hand tool kit, perfect for all your garden needs, such as digging, weeding, loosening soil, aeration and transplanting.
2. Transplanting tool kit, this kit, together with seedling tools and dual-purpose transplanting tools, can help you safely loosen the soil, sow and transplant seedlings.
3. Watering of bottle and air precipitator, the curved nozzle design of the bottle can help you to water the roots of small plants well. The hair dryer is soft and can easily blow away the dust on the surface.
4. Meet your various needs, gardening, digging, soil loosening, transplanting, watering, cleaning, pruning, etc., suitable for succulent plants, bonsai plants, indoor small factories, etc.

Material: plastic
Application: flowers / green plants
Scissors: 10cm/3.93''
Brush: 12cm/4.72''
Straight forceps, curved forceps: 12cm/4.72''
Air blowing: length 15cm/5.9'', diameter 5.5cm/2.16''
Rake: 16cm
Shovel, spade: 22cm/8.66''
Bottom net: 10 * 10cm/3.93*3.93''
Watering pot: 250ml
Spray kettle: 250ml
Bucket shovel: height 16cm/6.29'', width 5cm/1.96''
Scoop: 15cm/5.9''


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