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Grafting Pruner Garden Tool

Grafting Pruner Garden Tool

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High survival rate: the incisions fit perfectly, contact the cambium to the greatest extent, and significantly improve the survival rate.
Easy to learn and operate: any green grafting hand can use the tool in a few minutes without the guidance of a professional.
Super time saving: cut, connect, tie and complete grafting. You don't have to use a knife to scrape the same slope on both branches as you used to in the old, time-consuming way.
It is suitable for grafting fruit tree branches with a diameter between 5 and 12mm; six (V & U and Ω shape, 2 in each shape) replaceable blades, a screwdriver and a wrench are contained in the pocket.

Usage method:
Step 1: keep the grafted stock in the grafting tool, press the handle to cut, and repeat this step to cut the stem of the donor. Make sure to cut out the groove on the storage floor.
Step 2: slide the donor stem into the groove of the rootstock so that the section is as close as possible. If the size of the raw material and the donor plant are different, they only match on the side.
Step 3: put the disinfection material on the board and connect it with adhesive tape. The disinfection material can prevent bacteria and weather conditions.
Step 4: use pruning shears to cut off the branches of plants.
Step 5: the "V & U & Ω" blade grafting tool and the end of the blade can be cut! One blade can be used as two blades, so you will have six blades.

High quality material: 65 high carbon steel sharp cutting blade and spring, high strength ABS plastic handle
Size: 215x50mm/8.46x1.97"


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